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Brandon Towle

At 16-years old I knew at the core of my being I was supposed to be a Leader of Leaders.  The glaring issue was, I was largely for myself. I knew it, and so did everyone else around me, which greatly limited my ability to function at my fullest. 

Instead of working to understand what it was truly like to be on the other side of me, my approach was to work harder and earn enough professional credibility to earn a seat at the leadership table. Fundamentally under valuing most of my relationships for the sake winning at all costs. Thankfully, I was buried by the “hustle” fallacy and the bottom fell out. As painful as this portion of the journey was, it was a necessary to recalibrate my Purpose

I’m a decorated veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and passionate about Leadership and people development, with extensive professional experience in marine operations and the energy sectors. This experience exposed me to all different types of leaders/leadership styles. It also provided a necessary earthy, grittiness to my book knowledge in Organizational Development. 

I’m healthy, secure and FOR others. 

I work alongside key-Leaders and Teams, to teach them complex leadership concepts using simple and scalable Visual Leadership Tools to help improve Team Performance and Leadership Culture. 

This process exchanges people from liabilities to assets and creates a LIBERATING culture that everyone wants to work for!

A Leadership System For The 21st Century

Better Leaders · High Performing Teams · Healthy Culture

We all know the rules to leading people have changed with the advent of technology. Leading teams and people in the digital age requires a deeper understanding of work/life balance in the 24/7, 365 landscape. Leaders in the 21st century must lead through influence, not positional power, with a focus on agile teams more than just talented individuals. Learning has become visual and interactive with rapid practical application, especially as teams are more digitally connected and geographically dispersed. These are the conditions and realities we live in that has put GiANT as a forerunner in transforming leaders and their teams by training them to multiply health throughout every sub—culture inside their organization.

I am overwhelmed by the clarity that this process has brought to our Executive Team. Understanding each of our wiring & voices has brought us together as a team and has begun to guide our decisions within our organization to ensure each team member is in the right seat. It has been amazing to watch all of the participants and teams comes to life!– Angela Cottrell

This has been the largest factor in transforming my leadership and has resulted in tremendous growth. – Andrew Dahl

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I regularly post updates to this site with content from GiANT Worldwide

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